TikTok Shares the Benefits of Creator Collaboration in Ad Campaigns

Exploring TikTok has become quite popular among marketers because of the fact that this is the sort of thing that could potentially end up allowing them to target specific demographics in a truly effective manner. However, it should be noted that TikTok has a very specific style, and creating videos that don’t adhere to that style can dramatically reduce the overall efficacy of your ads by a pretty startling margin.

With all of that having been said and now out of the way, it is important to note that collaborating with various TikTok content creators can be pretty fruitful due to the reason that it can help you to make your ads significantly more impactful. This is a lot faster than trying to understand TikTok yourself since you would essentially be outsourcing this to content creators that already have a fairly good understanding of what the average TikTok user is looking for.

TikTok has actually done a study on this that reveals the benefits of collaborating with content creators during ad campaigns. This study revealed that ad recall, which basically refers to how memorable an ad is, can be increased by up to 27% if a content creator is featured and if the ad has been made in a way that focuses on TikTok rather than trying to shoehorn something that’s made for other platforms onto TikTok without optimizing it to any degree.

Another aspect of this study is that it revealed that TikTok specific ads are effective even if you don’t collaborate with creators, albeit to a lesser extent. According to the study, ads that were made specifically for TikTok will see a 19% higher rate of recall among the average consumer. Hence, making ads for TikTok itself can be highly advantageous, and it would be worthwhile for brands and marketers to do so instead of forcing a campaign that has not been optimized to any extent at all.

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