The United Kingdom authorities launch a new campaign against the social media apps encryption

For a long time, the UK government has been trying to remove the encryption program from social media sites and now the home office comes with some new sort of tactics used against this ultra privacy program.

For privacy purposes, many social media platforms maintain an encryption program for their users, in which the chat that occurred between two parties can’t be accessed by any other, even the platform itself. But after some time, it had been seen that some users misused it for illegal actions. So, the ministerial department of the UK decided to remove it through a public opinion program, which management and plans hand over to a popular agency Saatchi. As per the new campaign strategy proposals, the use of public opinions against encryption is foremost and will be worked when the public directly contact tech companies to close this program by giving a genuine reason. And through some other stunts, the Govt. will try to make it successful. But how much it will be affected is not confirmed yet because most of the public still don’t know about this end to end encryption. That’s why this scheme is on chance, said James ball.

Most privacy critics started to protest against the campaign, which will be expected to start this month. And Saatchi advertising agency starts to bring them all on one platform who oppose the encryption “as it is abusive for kids.” And still, almost 534,000 pounds have taken place on the latest campaign, and its motive to issue news about all the childcare centers and other organizations raise their voices in favor of child safety and plans to promote the campaign on best electronic media channels and newspapers.

The other political parties do not agree with the idea of the UK. They said that it makes it more difficult for the government to tackle the crimes if it happens. As per the opinion of different advocates and internet trust director Wilton, the strategy fully destroys the online community and makes users’ privacy more vulnerable. Even Facebook is trying to enhance this program through its messenger.

But the agency which is hired for the accomplishment of the campaign uses the PR stunt to divert the attention of parents towards it through creating a glass box in which one kid and one adult are sitting and suddenly glass will blackout and others cannot get the idea what’s going on inside the box. These kinds of stunts grab most of the child care agencies and parents.

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