Recent Infostealer Incident Reveals the Risks of Browser Password Storage

Storing your password in your web browser can be pretty convenient because of the fact that this is the sort of thing that could potentially end up preventing you from having to enter the password each and every time you want to log in to your various profiles. While there are certain levels of encryption that browsers use in order to keep passwords secure, suffice it to say that this level of security might not be up to the mark.

With all of that having been said and now out of the way, it is important to note that a recent event that involved an employee saving the password to his company profile on a web browser has ended in disaster. The password ended up being stolen due to the reason that the employee was working from home and did not have corporate level cybersecurity to take advantage of which might have been the case had they been working from their offices and that resulted in a pretty major breach.

The hardware that the employee was using was a shared laptop that other family members also utilized, and the thing to bear in mind about this is that the laptop had already been infected with a known malware known as Redline Stealer. What’s more is that the malware was able to work around the antivirus that was already present on the system and steal a lot of information that was of a rather sensitive nature with all things having been considered and taken into account and that’s something that indicates the dangers of browser password storage.

In order to make it so that working from home can become at the very least slightly safer to a degree, many companies have started having employees install a VPN on their system that they would log into. This VPN can encrypt any and all communiqués that the employee might send out through their work laptop, but the problem in this situation was that the employee in question saved the log in details on their browser which is where the malware came from.

The truly concerning thing about this incident is that it used a type of malware that can be purchased rather easily, and it’s also pretty affordable since it only costs around $200 or so. Hence, people need to start being exceedingly careful about where they save their passwords, and they should ideally use an encrypted source for this just in case they have a malware that’s already on their system. It has become easier to hack someone’s online profiles than ever before, and that’s why people need to start being a great deal more cautious in this regard if they want to avoid situations like this.

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