NCSC hints people on how they can protect themselves from cyber security threats

Security has been one of the most common problems for devices around the world. The amount of money and resources that have been spent on perfecting the technology is un-imaginable and still we find cases where bad actors were somehow able to gain access to computers/smartphones and misuse the owner’s data for their own good.

Many malicious software and domains are roaming around the internet which infect user devices within seconds. All the user has to do is somehow click on the malicious link and the attacker gains access to the device/data. This is really damaging because individuals and businesses spend a lot of money on perfecting their devices and they get violated within seconds.

NCSC or also known as National Counterintelligence and Security Center has already told people that their smartphones and devices could be at risk because their devices can get compromised by certain surveillance tools. They said that these surveillance tools are being used in a way which is threatening and raises questions at their security.

They also tweeted about it in which they said that, “It has come to our attention that there are a few surveillance tools that are being misused which pose a serious threat to the intelligence and security of people and their devices. These tools are being sold to the government and other organizations that are using these tools unethically. People are being tracked by these tools, or in some cases their location gets compromised. It happens over the internet or when their devices are connected to the wifi”.

This can happen if the owner of the device clicks on any infected link, or sometimes they can gain access to the device even if no activity has been done by the user.

They also provided a link where you can find ways to save yourself from these kinds of attacks. You can get rid of the malicious software by following the next few steps mentioned below.

• You should keep your devices updated (especially their operating systems and software) so that it gets fresh patches and fixes which would delete the malware.

• Don’t open unknown links or links from senders that are unknown.

• Never open emails/links from unknown senders. It might be a dummy website (made especially for phishing) and would make you type in personal information.

• Instead of clicking on links you find, go to the website and find the required option.

• Restarting the phone wipes out the malware, make sure to restart your device every once in a while.

• Disable locations (when not needed) and you can also cover up your camera when it isn’t being used.

Pegasus is a company that has been declared as a security threat by the government of the U.S. what they do is that they send a text message that somehow compromises the smartphones without having any user interaction. That’s why the government decided to ban its spyware software as it puts national security at risk.

People need to be responsible because it is their responsibility not to interact websites, individuals or companies which are new to them, because they have the potential to send links that can infect your devices can prove to be very dangerous. Hence it is better to be careful than sorry.

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