Latest Google Chrome update makes things less complicated when it comes to history searches

Google Chrome is one of the most used web browsers throughout the world. Google Chrome has always been the go to choice for users as it is easy to use and more importantly, it is user-friendly.

The company is reported to be working on a new feature which would make history searches easier for users.

It is reported that the company has added a new experimental flag for Chrome Omnibox which allows users to search for particular keywords in settings and history.

Omnibox is a really powerful tool if used correctly. What it does is that it auto completes user searches and queries even before they are completely typed. When the option is turned on in Chrome’s settings, it provides the users a list of suggestions from which they choose what they want to search.

As per CS, this new feature is being called the “Omnibox SiteSearchStarter Pack”. This feature will allow users to view their history, bookmarks and settings within a matter of seconds. Users can use this option whenever they are searching for something in their address bar, they would just have to specify what they are searching for.

For instance, you were reading your favorite book on a website and you had to go run an errand so you closed the tab and went on with your day. When you came back, you just typed in “Favorite Book @history” in your address bar which specified where you wanted the search to happen. The app would go and fetch your required link from the history so that you won’t have to do it yourself.

The company has been showing great intent as to what they want to achieve throughout 2022. The company believes that they can come up with more features which would make the app more user-friendly.

This feature is not yet made available to Chrome Beta testers or Canary releases, which means that the feature is still under the development phase. Regardless of the entire wait, we feel that this update will prove to be quite useful as it will prove to be a huge time saver for users.

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