Instagram is testing out a new feature which would enable users to see mentions in their stories

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms that you will come across. The app has been running from 2012 and since then, they established themselves as the app that everyone loves.

So what made Instagram become the number 1 app in the world? It’s pretty simple if you ask us. Instagram has been really observant as to what things the users are demanding, what are the latest trends and moreover they have got the best minds in the world which can come up with brilliant ideas and features that keeps the audience keen.

Rumors are that Instagram has been working on a new story mode feature that we feel is a really nice addition to the story options if it goes through the initial testing phases. As per Alessandro Paluzzi, the new feature is that users will now be able to see who they have mentioned in their story. It’s not like the conventional stories mentioned notification, but it is more like a list just like the viewer’s one.

This list will be placed right above the old viewers list, where users will be able to see the names or accounts of the people that are mentioned in the story. It seems like a really nice feature because it was really hard to find the names of people in stories as sometimes the mentioned names were too small or not even visible.

Last year, Instagram came out with a new feature that allowed users to hide or limit themselves from viewing abusive content, comments and DM’s. This feature is known as “Limit” and it really limits the user to hide certain comments and messages that are not according to the Instagram community guidelines.

Another really great update is the new “Take A Break” feature. For those of you who don’t know what it is, it is a feature that is specially made for teenagers that would allow them to set reminders which would help them limit their screen time.

These updates are a really great initiative taken by Instagram as they show us just how much they care about their family. Moreover, they want to keep that up with that “WOW” factor which got them here in the first place. As they finished last year on the 2nd place on the most downloaded app of the year list, we think they will try their best to come up with new features and defeat their competitor “TikTok”.

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