Google Maps wants to make your search process easier with its new review snippet upgrade

How to clean the room to how to decorate it, how to do fishing to how to clean fish, how to lose weight to any good Chinese restaurant, how to study in lesser time to how to make a time table for your daily routines. In all silly problems and the question of our lives, Google happens to be the best friend for all of us. Needless to say we all are dependent on it. In many problems we encounter, we do a thorough search on Google. This is a fact that people all around the people have some faith on the search engine.

Most often people are hesitant to go to any new eatery, any shopping place or any beauty parlor by ourselves in the fear of wasting of our hard earned money and of course time. We want to go a place with 100% surety that our money will not go to waste and that we will have a great time. Googles saves us in such situations too.

Something like this is happening on Google Maps too now.

Ultimately, when we search for new place rather if it is an eatery place, or a beauty spa. On Google Maps, when you search for a new place and how close it is to your place, Google Maps tends to show some short reviews on it too now.

The SEO expert Allie Margeson breaks this news through the social media forum Twitter on which she said that, she just saw the review snippet and that she really likes it very much.

However, this upgrade in Maps, currently isn’t prim and proper. There are many issues with it being either too small or too clumpy. However, Google is only testing this review on Maps and it will take some time and many changes before they officially release it.

Considering this feature is in its testing version, it isn’t available globally and only specific users in some countries have access to it. Hence, once the tech giant is satisfied and this feature passes with good remarks, only then we will be seeing its launch globally. As to when it will be we can’t say much.

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