FTC given a second chance by the court to reapply for trials against Facebook

Facebook is the leading tech giant in the world, and because of this the tech firm is always stuck in one issue or the other. However, this comes with being one of the most renowned names in the tech world and that too on the top of the list. The tech firm recently got itself tangled in yet another problem.

It seems like Facebook is facing many legal trials since its start in 2003 up until now in 2022. In all these years Facebook management dealt with many lawsuits and still are facing some.

Recently, the tech giant is facing a lawsuit from the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) on the illegal monopolization in the market. In the hearing on Monday, a judge gave a second chance to FTC to file a case again, against the mega tech company considering the appeal against Facebook was rejected in the first trial.

Motion to dismiss is the legal term in which one party asks a court to dismiss the case without reviewing any facts and figures of the case.

Earlier in the summer, June 2021, A U.S. judge James Boasberg gave Facebook the “Motion to dismiss” call. However, while Facebook was happy with the decision, it did not realize what will follow. The court gave FTC another chance to file an appeal against Facebook with stronger evidence against the tech giant.

The Judge wrote in the Tuesday hearing, that while the FTC allegations remain the same in their updated complaint, however, they came with more solid and factual points in appealing their issue against Facebook.

The Meta management has barely expressed their thoughts on any legal matter of the corporation, so on this matter, and this time they have remained silent too.

Initially, the judge BoasBerg dismissed all the FTC allegations against Facebook because he said the case looked rather fake. However, from my point of view I believe FTC stands true on its stance.

Facebook has been acquiring one great app after the other which ultimately is reducing market competition by a huge margin. With so many great apps under Meta’s name, other apps have subsided from the light and this seems unfair to them. That is why having a proper market competition is very important and FTC points remain valid.

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