Android Users Can Now Play Games on PC With Google’s New App

Smartphones have revolutionized a wide range of things that had become more or less standardized over the years. Perhaps the biggest disruption that smartphones have caused is in the world of gaming. Previously, console based games as well as those that were made for PC were considered to be the most profitable commodities in that industry, but the rise of smartphones has resulted in them becoming a highly desirable gaming resource as well.

Google seems to be well aware of this, and in the recent years the tech giant has been attempting to diversify the places in which Android games can be played. Ambient computing has been a pretty big part of Google’s strategy as of late, with the company trying to allow users to switch between devices in a manner that can seem utterly seamless to one extent or another, and the new Play Games app is an example of both of these trends.

The main purpose of this new app is to allow Android games to be played on PC. It can be downloaded from the Windows app store, and it can greatly expand the appeal of these games since PCs allow for heavier games to be played as well as improved graphics along with the added bonus of a control system that is a bit more traditional which certain gamers would most definitely end up preferring.

One thing to note about this app is that it has a very limited selection of games right now, and it is mostly only being made available for beta testers and the like. There will probably be a wider rollout once the app has been tested and after various games end up being optimized for PC gaming since it has a few rather different requirements than smartphones which would need to be met before gameplay can be top notch.

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