WhatsApp all set to roll out some massive updates and features this coming year

2021 is going to end shortly. So the month of the festival is going on. In this month of the festival, many tech giants give you updates on their app. This week, Meta owned WhatsApp announced a new boost to its voice message features. Now we can listen to our voice message before sending them. While a lot of us have a habit of listening to the voice notes after sending them, this will make it easier, as users will be able to listen it beforehand. It's a great update from meta management for its users, earlier this year, the company already launched a feature which sped the time frame of the voice notes, making our life easier. Now with the ability to listen to a voice note beforehand, shows how meta is working towards greater advancement.

The meta-owned messaging service said the feature is gradually rolling out within weeks. It is now accessible on all platforms on iOS, Android, web, and Desktop.

According to the WhatsApp help page:

Open a chat whether they are an individual or group chat. Tap and grab the recording button, then slide up to lock and begin hands-free recording. Once completed then quit, then tap the play button to listen to your recording. Tap the trash can to delete it or tap send to deliver it.

Audio preview is just one reflection of those updates, many more updates are on the way as WhatsApp said before, in September 2021. The company announced, Audio transpiration features are in the early stages of development. Shortly, we will be able to read the written transcription of our voice message rather than listen to it. After this, in October 2021 WhatsApp further announced voice messages, A Global Voice Message Player. The global voice message player allows you to hear voice messages when you quit the chat. It’s called Global, it's pinned to the top of the application when you open any part of the App, the global voice message player is always apparent, you cannot pause and dismiss the voice message any moment. This feature will be useful at that time when you receive a long-duration voice message you can continue sending messages to another contact while listening to this long-duration voice note.

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