WhatsApp adds a new features which will help you maintain privacy from contacts you have never conversed with

WhatsApp and Facebook while are known to bring about the most amazing of features, which always prove to be of great use for its users, one thing which it lacks behind in is being conscious towards its user privacy at times.

Sometimes we add some contacts to on our contact list for purposes other than WhatsApp chatting, like we add a pizza delivery boy number or call for a cab or even some carpenter number, but on WhatsApp they aren’t any use for us.

Hence, sometimes users get conscious with these contacts because not everyone likes random people seeing their last seen or statuses right? So, to protect their user privacy WhatsApp is now taking some strict standards, as reported by WABI.

In their latest privacy updates, WhatsApp prevents its users from unwanted contact (if you never have chatted with them) to see their last seen and online status. This was a much-needed step from WhatsApp management.

While this is a great step from the WhatsApp, the questions stands why did the company took such a measure. Well, to start off, it was revealed that many Third Party Apps on App and Google store had the ability to let people log into the last seen and status of other contacts. WhatsApp realized the safety measures this held and took a step.

Now WhatsApp does not show your last seen or online status to a random contact, but the thing to keep in mind is, this privacy measure works only when you have not communicated with them through the app. Moreover, if someone enables this feature and select ‘My Contacts except’ and add a few people, those selected people will not be able to their statuses or last seen.

The company though brings about features rarely, it always bring about the best ones. We are sure user will benefit of from this feature and we will be seeing some new features in the future as well.

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