What makes BTC Casinos popular?

Online casinos are slowly gaining popularity in every country around the world. Even though they can’t provide bettors with the same experience as the brick-and-mortar casinos, online betting websites have many advantages that make them stand out. One of them is the sheer number of casino titles, which can often exceed 4000. This means that even the pickiest online punter will find something interesting, such as various slots and table games.

Although the number of games is every online casino’s most impressive aspect, this doesn’t mean there aren’t other things that make it special. One of them is the available payment solutions, which often include an abundance of options. Some people prefer using e-wallets and credit/debit cards, but you can also find unique Bitcoin casinos. As their name suggests, they allow people to use the world’s most popular cryptocurrency. However, there are many other things that make them famous, so let’s check them out.

Apart from Bitcoin, these casinos offer many other digital currencies

Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency globally, which is why every casino that uses these payment alternatives offers it. Due to the fact that most online people use it regularly, they call these gambling sites “BTC Casinos”. However, if you check Silentbet, you will notice that a lot of new BTC casinos are using different cryptocurrencies for depositing and withdrawing. That’s because these operators want to attract as many new online bettors as possible.

The most common digital currencies for iGaming, besides BTC, are Ethereum and Litecoin. Both have many fans because some people purchase them as an investment. Whether this is a good idea is debatable, but some people have them. That’s why online casinos implemented them into their payment options.

Aside from Ethereum and Litecoin, you also find Tether, XRP, Cardano, and Dogecoin. It is important to remember that every deposit option has a different minimum requirement. Sometimes, the processing time might also vary, so make sure to check the payment section.

Usually, BTC casinos are prone to use the newest iGaming features

One of the things that attract people to online betting is the fact that they can use the latest innovations in the business. Although most operators are willing to experiment, those that offer digital currencies stand out. The fact that they’ve decided to “devote” themselves to cryptocurrencies makes them more prone to use the latest iGaming features and innovations. In other words, once there is something new in the online casino industry, these sites are going to be the first ones to implement it.

This has its pros and cons because some people don’t like testing new features. Yet, if you want to be among the first partners to use the newest online betting options, this is something you will definitely be interested in.

The exclusive titles that are not available elsewhere

The third thing that makes BTC casinos popular even among people who don’t like cryptocurrencies is the games. As mentioned, some online casinos can provide their clients with thousands of titles created by world-class software developers. The cryptocurrencies casinos also offer these games, but they provide their users with something special. After you visit Silentbet to see all of the new BTC casinos, you will see that some of them also offer special types of games that are unavailable elsewhere.

The so-called BTC games are notorious for their prize pools, HD graphics, and authentic sound effects. Even though some of these titles are just crypto versions of the regular games, others are entirely new. Naturally, the majority of the BTC games are slots because they are easy to play and have tons of fans. Yet, you can also come across special crypto table games.

BTC bonuses

One of the things that people often forget is the fact that online casinos are home to an abundance of bonuses. Although there are exceptions, you can find platforms that offer all kinds of rewards for new and existing users. Unfortunately, even the most interesting offers can get boring because they are available on every online casino.

Luckily, this is not the case when it comes down to BTC bonuses. They might seem like regular rewards, but in reality, they have different maximum prizes and special requirements. The most obvious is that you have to deposit using Bitcoin (sometimes, you may also use a different cryptocurrency).

Apart from the deposit amount, these offers also provide more substantial rewards. For example, the reload BTC proposals may grant you up to 200% or even a 300% bonus after making a successful transaction. Due to the fact that most crypto’s value changes daily, you may have the chance to get loads of extra funds.

The exclusive tournaments

Some people don’t like using regular casino bonuses, even if they are really good. That’s one of the reasons why some of the leading BTC casinos found at Silentbet offer other kinds of perks, such as exclusive tournaments. They allow bettors to compete for a lucrative prize and test their skills against other players.

Most of the tournaments are only accessible via a direct invitation. However, there are small competitions where you can join simply by completing the specific requirements. Speaking of the devil, there might be all sorts of conditions you must adhere to, such as making a specific deposit. In some cases, you just have to play some of the pre-selected casino games.

VIP Clubs

Lastly, some of the popular BTC casinos are known for rewarding their most loyal customers with different kinds of perks. Apart from the special rewards, such as a birthday bonus, some of the most loyal users can expect other privileges. For example, cryptocurrency casinos offer their loyal users VIP support, access to exclusive games and guides, faster withdrawals, no deposit fees, and more.

Although the numerous VIP perks are lucrative, you can only put them to the test if you join the loyalty club. This means that you have to play regularly and receive an invitation. Some BTC casinos have VIP clubs you can join as soon as you complete your registration. However, you will have to play a lot until you gain enough loyalty points to unlock the best perks.

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