Pinterest Has Acquired A Video Editing App In The Interest Of Bolstering Its Own Video Making Interface

Pinterest has announced its recent acquisition of the video editing app Vochi, which it will be incorporating into the platform’s push towards more video content.

Pinterest has a rather fun little niche that it’s occupied within the internet. It’s unbothered by the social media complications that befall the likes of Facebook and TikTok, unconstrained by the need to constantly expand into every available niche online, like literally any other platform is attempting. The overall image of all social media platforms engaging in aggressive competition, while Pinterest sips on a cup of homemade boba in a corner is honestly the best example I can give of the platform’s current (and hopefully future) uncomplicated relationship with both its community and the wider world. After all, Pinterest is a fun place for people to indulge in their hobbies, share recipes, and watch kooky aunts in their 50’s put up pictures of the most nightmarish, and yet somehow endearing, crocheting ever seen. Overall, super fun platform, very bright and colorful, ten out of ten, and I hope that it stays this way.

However, some amount of updating and progress needs to be made by every platform, since staying the status quo with absolute rigidity means that one can very easily slip into irrelevancy. Irrelevancy, in our fast-paced online era, is a terrifying word that’s almost too easily encountered by businesses and companies, large and small alike. Pinterest’s answer to updating the status quo is the introduction of more video content moving forwards. It’s a smart strategy, since videos are some of the most popular form of content across almost all online platforms. TikTok and YouTube stand testament to this statement, while reports from Facebook and Instagram constantly affirm the popularity of video content online. Instagram, as a matter of fact, has very heavily invested in and profited off of its Reels format of videos, despite the format being relatively new.

Pinterest has had video content on it since a while now, but a very barebones interface at that. Vochi can change all of that. It’s a video-editing application that allows users to engage with more complex video editing tools than Pinterest typically allows. The addition of 3D elements, the removal of items from one’s video, filters, visual additions, and many other new interface updates are what Pinterest will be looking forward to in days to come. While acquisition has taken place, the implementation of Vochi’s toolkit will likely take some time.

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