New features for the protection of teens on Instagram has been announced

Social media giant Facebook has introduced new features for Instagram to make the platform more teen-friendly.

The new options are supposed to ensure the protection and safety of young Instagram users on the social network. The options being added includes suggesting other topics to the user if they have already consumed much of their time scrolling. If suggesting other content doesn’t work then suggesting a break from social media will be the next option.

Preventing getting tagged by other strangers is also on the list. The application has also decided to let the parents of teen users know about the time spent by their children on Instagram, these parents will be able to set a particular time limit for social media interaction. On the other hand, teen users will also be able to inform their parents if a user profile has been reported by them.

In a blog article written by Adam Mosseri, he aimed to continue this work and will make sure that Instagram becomes a safe place for young users.

The chief executive officer of Instagram showed his gratitude towards young Instagram users for choosing this platform as a medium to get connected with their loved ones. According to a research carried out by Facebook itself, it was revealed that the two major issues being observed on the platform includes getting unsecured on the basis of how people think one may look. Chances of adults getting serious from such comparison are lesser than teens. Another finding of the research was that teen girls would do a comparison of themselves with others very frequently.

Several steps have already been taken to counter the pressure being faced by the teens. These steps include hiding of total number of likes on a post. This feature is also known as the Project Daisy. Unfortunately covering up number of likes wont save the users from getting unsecured or getting compared.

Another separate option, namely Instagram Kids was also kept under consideration but later on the project was released by Facebook. According to the social media giant, idea of getting Instagram Kids was good but now is not the time for it to roll out.
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