Microsoft's new OS is gaining some momentum as reported by Ad Duplex, with its Windows 11 climbing the ladder quickly and Windows 10 range still in lead

Microsoft announced that it won't launch any newer version after its Windows 10. However, because of the growing market pressure the company took back its statement and moved further with more launches.

From the looks of its the decision has proved quite beneficial for Microsoft as the company saw a massive update to its latest OS version.

The company launched its Microsoft 11 in October 2021, and since then the company has seen a massive growth. Ad Duplex, a company surveyed the market and how many PCs are using which versions of Windows, revealing that Microsoft 11 is taking the usage scale by some great margin.

According to the report, Windows 11 has taken over 8.6 percent of the Windows OS market share. With 0.3 users on the Insider Build versions, the Windows 11 total usage up until now has become 8.9 percent.

This is a great percentage considering how the newer version just made its appearance and is doing so well from all the previously existing versions.

Talking about the previously existing versions, the company also revealed the usage share for Windows 10.

Windows 10 21H1 version still remains the most used and in lead versions with over 36.3 percent of users.

A similar version of Windows 10 but in 21H2 version gathered a user share of about 31.8 percent market share.

The user’s percentage keeps on varying and as Microsoft introduces its newer updates, people switch to the newer versions too for better experiences.

The tech firm is one of the leading companies in the world and its OS systems are definitely one of the oldest and the best ones out there. All the user percentage Microsoft 10 and 11 has gained in the recent times is well deserved considering the large mass of audiences the company has acquired and how well it is performing.

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