Microsoft Is Adding A New Followable Feature To Its Edge Browser, Allowing Users To Keep Updated On Relevant Websites

Microsoft is considering the addition of a Followable feature to the Edge browser, allowing users to keep tabs on their favorite websites and whatever updates they get, yes, a good alternative to old-fashioned RSS feeds, as spotted by u/Leopeva64-2.

We get a lot of our day to day information off of websites in the current internet-savvy landscape. While important news headlines have their way of making it to our screens via headlines from the likes of Google and Discover Feed, and social media more than helps supplement keeping a tab of current trends and pop culture tidbits, some people still like visiting blogs and online journals to get a more curated version of articles and stories that they like. Or perhaps some people just like keeping a check on websites selling something relevant to them, in the hopes that as soon as a deal comes by they can finally nab that really good looking sweater. Whichever way you’d like it, websites are an important font of information and it’d be a real convenience if we didn’t have to keep checking and refreshing in the hopes of something new.

Some websites and blogs have a workaround to this: they set up email services that update users whenever their platform gets updated with a new post or an ongoing sale. That’s usually enough, but people are sort of getting tired of signing up for service after service, since all it really does is clutter up one’s inbox, preventing the real pertinent information from being accessible. Therefore, Microsoft came up with a solution: providing the updates themselves via the Edge browser! Or, rather, it came up with this solution a long while back, and it wasn’t the only company to do so; Google had been floating the idea around for a solid while as well. However, ultimately neither party decided to go through with the plan, perhaps deeming it unnecessary at the time.

However, Edge is back in business (in terms of delivering us this new feature), and is actively working on Followable as a brand new way of updating users about, well, about their favorite websites being updated. However, the feature’s in very early development and can only be found on the Canary build of Edge.

There’s no knowing if and/or when Followable will be integrated into Microsoft Edge properly, but this may be the feature needed for the browser to really set itself apart from the competition.
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