Messenger all set to bring its fame back by launching three new features this holiday season

Facebook Messenger is one of the oldest online messaging apps that exist during the current times. While the tech firm has always launched some great features and has been up to date for its audience, its hype during the recent times has died down slightly. This is probably because f the growing market competition and the advancement of features in other messaging platforms.

However, Messenger isn’t someone that gives up and the tech firm this holiday season is bringing out some great features and effects for its app.

To start off, Messenger will be introducing some great AR effects in video calls. This means that during video calls, a caller can put up an AR filter on multiple people involved in the call at the same time. The filter includes a royal crown, a retro recording display, some butterflies and a lot more.

However, while the filters aren’t that epic or something very out of the blue the real reason people might be attracted to them is because of the partners Messenger has in these creation. The company has collaborated with some famous names like Bella Poarch, King Bach etc., all from different platforms.

Many believe that the purpose of this collaboration is to attract back the younger audience which has fled away from the app by influencing them from these creators.

Apart from this, Taylor Swift Soundmoji set is also making its way on Messenger. The set has been launched in honor of Taylor’s new album Red. Soundmoji is messenger’s is latest launch from back in July which enables users to send an emoji character along with a snippet of vocals. Looks like Taylor’s voice will be making its way in those snippets as well.

Lastly, Messenger will be launching a test feature called ‘Split Payments.’ This new feature will help users split a cost equally among friends. Uses can insert an amount and the name of the members between which the cost has to be split. The feature will equally split the amount and then offer the users to pay through its own Facebook Pay app making the job a lot easier.

The tech firm has been introducing some great features lately and is head on in bringing back the same fame it used to have. With newer youth joining social media, Messenger wants to portray themselves into a new light for sure.

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