LinkedIn is creating TikToks to help the youth stepping into the work force understand what to expect

LinkedIn is the leading professional website in the world which joins those seeking employment opportunities and companies seeking people for jobs. However, while LinkedIn for the longest time has been known to professional and rather sophisticated, its current campaign blew us all away.

LinkedIn is creating TikToks – a campaign we all definitely did not see coming.

The purpose of this effort is a rather sweet one. UK has been seeing tremendous improvement in its employment rate especially between the ages of 18 to 24. In order to help these young individuals freshly stepping into the world of work, LinkedIn is doing a six-month collaboration termed at #TheTeammates.

In this collaboration a community of creators called ‘CareerTok’ will make short motivational videos for those individuals stepping freshly into the work force. Job seeking and employment can be scary and tough and especially when you are new. Creators in these videos will give out advices and suggestions for new workers on how they can adjust into the new environment and what to expect during their first few weeks.

While things may be hard, the experienced creators ask you to stay still and thrive through.

According to Conor Bolten who is the international head of social media at LinkedIn, who stated that the world is evolving at a very fast pace. Along with the world, the concept and dynamics around work and its environment is changing as well. Hence it is important for the newer generation who is stepping or soon will be stepping into the work force or looking for job opportunities to be updated about what they should expect so that it doesn’t come off as a mere shock to them.

Things can be hard initially whenever you start something new and having such features and initiatives to fall back on in times of need is great strategy. Social media has changed a lot of things around us and has helped us in many ways. LinkedIn collaborating with TikTok while may look like a foreign concept and a little off considering how different the two forces are from each other, it is the best decision because most of the youth is currently using TikTok and that is where they can get the most exposure about this particular topic.

LinkedIn is doing a great job and we are sure it will be providing the youth with better opportunities and features to help them in the future.
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