Instagram Is Adding Pinned Threads And Translations To DMs, & Is Also Adding In Event Reminders On Posts

Instagram has recently released a slew of new updates, two geared around Direct Messages on the platform and one around setting event reminders for News Feed posts.

We’ll kick off our deep dive on them by starting off with the DM features, as reported by Samarth and Alessandro Paluzzi. The first one is the introduction of an ability pawned straight off of WhatsApp: pinned chats. Users will soon have the ability to pin Direct threads to the top of their chatbox, thus making them more accessible to the Instagram community.

It also prevents a user from having to scroll through a list of new notifications to then get to what’s truly useful and pertinent information. We’re living in an era where social media platforms are often considered the primary method of communication for many individuals across the planet, short of real life conversation (if that, even). Instagram lets users communicate with vendors over important transactions, is a near-regular pit stop to contact and catch up with friends, and can even be used in order to converse with one’s clientele, depending on the setting and scenarios. It’s very important that Instagram continue to keep bolstering one of the more social aspects of its social media existence.

The other feature introduced to Instagram’s DMs is one that I personally have been enthusiastic about: the addition of translations to messages. Instagram, and social media as a whole, is an opportunity for users to expand their horizons and really experience other perspectives and experiences on a world-wide scale. Of course, such a concept only exists in a vacuum, and real life is often tarnished by shady exchanges, racism, sexist encounters, or even an off-putting combination of all three. However, there’s still a lot of potential for exchanges that revolve around ideals, common interests, or just two people kicking it off on a forum. Even if all that sounds outlandish, translations make ordering stuff from other countries very easy, so users always have that crutch to fall back on. Either way, it’s a useful feature that helps accentuate DMs on Instagram a bit more.

Finally, there’s been a new feature added to one’s News Feed posts by the name of event reminders. Specifically, a user can now establish an event happening via an Instagram post, and by establishing the date and time, other users can now set reminders so they don’t miss out on a thing. Considering just how massive of an influence Instagram has on day to day life, with users relying on the platform for up to date information about current news and events, such a feature will actively bolster those very needs. Instagram is gearing its users up to use it for more than just posting pictures, and this could honestly work very well in the platform’s favor.

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