Huge skill gap, youngsters have no idea what the job market wants

As a kid, everyone is eager to grow up, get educated and then start working at their dream company at a position that is their favorite. Many people are able to achieve what they dream because they work really hard for it. But with things changing almost every day, the job market is demanding things that not everyone has at their disposal.

It’s not that it’s the kids' fault that they aren’t skilled enough to be competing in the job market, but because there is no one to guide them to victory. They sometimes get lost in their journey because they have no idea what to do or what skill would turn out to be the most beneficial for them.

Because of that, a skill gap has started to develop which is resulting to be the cause of unemployment of many students who have completed their bachelors or masters. Students between ages of 15-24 aren’t really able to determine which skill would be good for them in the future and would create job opportunities for them.

Generation Unlimited, PwC and UNICEF released a report which said that there is a bit of a gap between the requirements, education and the training systems. There are many students who don’t have any means to use the internet and thus they can’t participate in online training programs and online courses which would polish them and provide them with a certain skill set so they don’t have to worry about stuff when they start working.

Henrietta Fore, the Executive Director at UNICEF stated that “With the market demanding different and diverse skillsets, we’ve experienced a decrease in the percentage of youth employment in the past couple of decades. It’s the government’s responsibility to guide them and provide them with opportunities that would help them to land a good job in today’s job market”.

There are certain steps that the government and business owners should take to minimize this skill gap as much as they can.

• Map their Skills:
It means that the government should make up a list of skills that the student has, and then tell them the kind of skills that the job market requires which would allow them to choose from the options that they have. Then the government would provide them with opportunities so they can further polish themselves.

• National Trust to maintain Records:
That way, the students can store their certificates and then further they can be shown to the interested stakeholders. Furthermore the stakeholders can keep track of this blockchain.

• Use support programs to train people:
That means that they should come up with programs that are led by government policies and it would be a place where stakeholders can help and teach skills to students, which would be of a low cost and very high quality.

UNICEF and PwC shook hands on a project which started in 2020. “Reskilling Revolution Platform” is an initiative whose goal is to provide better education, jobs and equip youngsters with skills so that they can have a better future.

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