Hazardous Consoles: Gaming is fun for all but not for our planet

While you’re all hooked up and grinding on your console to victory, when you think that you’re getting better which in fact you are, there is something around you that is getting worse every minute. These consoles are in fact hazardous to our environment and produce carbon footprints, which is bad for us and for our planet.

Most of us are wondering what a “Carbon Footprint” Actually is? Is it a footprint made from carbon? Well that’s not the case here. A carbon footprint is the mixture of the total number of greenhouse gasses including Co2 and Methane, which is generated by our actions.

According to a survey from an iGaming site, Mobilewins, there are many gaming consoles that are playing their parts into making this planet dangerous for us in a sense that if the rate of carbon footprint goes up at a high speed, then the depletion in the ozone layer would be near.

The site went on and included many consoles into the survey along with Nintendo Wii and Microsoft Xbox 30 in the list. These results were based on the number of units sold and the average number of hours spent on a console in a week and the results shocked everyone.

The results suggested that Play-station was found to be the most polluting platform compared to all the other consoles that were present in the list. PS3 came first and PS5 came third in the list. Not only that but many games also play a major part in this carbon footprint ratio as some games take many hours for its user to finish, sometimes new games come out and due to their popularity the player count increases and thus it contributes more and more into the carbon footprint index.

Nintendo Switch came on 4th even though it uses the lowest amount of kilograms of CO2 in the list, while Xbox 360 came 2nd and Nintendo Wii U placed 6th, the console that emitted the least amount of carbon footprints was found to be Xbox One.

These companies need to understand the significance of making products that are eco-friendly, which would bring down the percentage of carbon footprint. We know that these things cannot happen overnight and that it would require the companies to come up with strategies on how to create a “Green” gaming product so that people would enjoy playing games and at the same time they would not have to worry about them creating a problem for the environment. Take a look at below infographic from Mobilewins for more insights on green gaming.

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