Facebook vs Instagram ads: Data proves which Meta-owned platform gives the best results when it comes to digital marketing

Social media marketing is the most productive and fast way to connect with your audience.

Many brands are investing in social media ads, because of their rapid productivity and easy accessibility to their targeted audience.

Social Media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are very common platforms to post your ads and create good revenue.

Social Insider evaluated which Meta social media forum is generously providing you the most boom for your ad clams. The team from SocialInsider recently analyzed over 137K Facebook and Instagram ads campaigns to find out which social media platform is better for your ad budget.

Facebook is generally better in terms of ad placement but when we talk about CTR which is a term we use for click-through rates Instagram takes the game. Click-through rate is the percentage of users who click on the specific link who views a page, or an advertisement.

The CTR term is generally used to describe the success of online promotion. Instagram stories see the highest CTR and that is why the big brands are investing almost 9 percent more in 2021 in comparison 2020.

However, Instagram is more expensive in comparison to Facebook ads. Instagram has a double CPC of 1.86$ which is the cost per click, considerably more than Facebook. The cost per click is a certain amount we pay whenever someone clicks on the ad. The Instagram feed has both the highest CPM and CPC. CPM is used for cost per thousand clicks.in addition to the conventional goal ads, Facebook is a go-ahead platform for having an average of 3.05 % CTR rate in comparison to Instagram which has a 0.67 % CTR rate. Facebook knows well where to place your ads, brands invest more because of its highest CMP and CTR.

Despite whichever app gives you the best result, it is no doubt that social media has become a great and far cheaper and convenient way for digital marketing. The developing times have brought some great advancements which the human race is definitely benefitting from. Take a look at below charts for more insights: 

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