Consumers in the 56 to 74 years-old demographic are more tech savvy

Demographic data is an important component in defining your social media target groups. From brand awareness to advocacy, generational differences have a significant impact on how consumers interact with your business. Marketers who have been targeting 18-40 age group, might have to rethink after a shocking news that silent generation is more tech savvy than generation x.

There is a widespread misconception that persons beyond a certain age (e.g., 65) are less open to, or even hostile to, embracing new technology for everyday chores. However, a growing body of evidence shows that this is a myth and an exaggeration. Many older folks use a variety of technologies, including computers and the Internet.

However, little is known regarding the depth and breadth of older persons' technology use, or whether it differs from that of younger adults. Various factors influence technology adoption, including the technology's relative advantage and the degree to which the innovation is compatible with one's values, experiences, and requirements. When faced with novel technologies, a comprehensive analysis of the technology experience of younger and older individuals can provide insights regarding the information that may be available to these user groups.

Baby boomers spend a lot of time online. In fact, the majority of these digital natives have been using social media for more than half of their life. This social media-savvy generation reflects a shift in the way people use social media. Sixty-six percent of baby boomers say social media is an important aspect of their lives, but their reasons are distinct. The primary reason why baby boomers use social media is to pass the time, making them the only generation to prioritize this over communicating with family and friends. The use of social media by baby boomers is increasing as the years pass. Sixty-five percent of older customers increased their use of social media in the previous year, and 45 percent expect this trend to continue in the next three years. This has been and will continue to be a major trend driver on social media.
Infographic via: Adweek.
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