According to Zoom, hybrid work will continue to thrive even after the pandemic and digital tools will play a major part in it

Zoom, one of the fastest growing apps of the past year “will carry on being significant even after hybrid working ends” as affirmed by an executive from the video calling platform.

As the days go by more businesses have started taking steps towards hybrid working which will include both ‘on spot’ office working and stay at home online working for employees. Zoom will play a critical role in this story as the main connector.

Last week the Head of Asia Pacific at Zoom, Ricky Kapur stated on CNBC show “Street Signs Asia” that it is his belief that there are three main changes happening after the coronavirus pandemic. One of the major changes is that due to the pressure from the staff many of the biggest companies are thinking about introducing a more wide-ranging and mutual work environment for the workforce. Employees have started to insist upon open ended work plans and the facility to work on an easy running despite of wherever they are. And also with the customers starting to call out for more convenience the companies have to take to reimaging their consumer service.

The second reason is with the expectations of the customers increasing; the companies are trying to find out more convenient ways of interaction, such as getting a live feed into a shop and talking with a real person to get a better idea of the product in order to make a final decision. This will certainly help sales and will require the help of video contact applications such as Zoom thus increasing their value.

The third major change is that there are new ways of reaching a wider consumer range being discovered especially in the fields of education and health sciences that can be seen in more modern apps that can connect you with a doctor immediately and apps that help in creating classroom environments to give students the real feel of physical learning.

Throughout the last two years Zoom has been an important part of millions of people’s lives whether it is for work or for socializing. But as things started to piece together again we all went back to our offices or schools resulting in a drop for Zoom.

On October 31st Zooms revenue rose by 35% but down from the 54% it gained in the past year. But Kapur is optimistic that as people start to settle into the world of hybrid learning Zoom will once again pick up its pace and become the leading app once again.

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