WhatsApp to release call notifications and a new interface among many other new features in its upcoming updates for desktop users

WhatsApp is one of the leading free online chatting and communicating applications in the social media world. The tech firm has billions of users throughout the globe and though they did some issues related to privacy concerned users in the beginning of this year, it came through with that problem too.

Currently WhatsApp operates on Android, iOS and even desktops as well. However, the difference between WhatsApp desktops compared to mobile phone version is that the latter gets updates a little slow.

But WhatsApp is now working on it as well and this year we've seen some great updates which have made its way to desktop version of WhatsApp.

If we talk about the recent times, WhatsApp is all set to introduce some handy updates to the desktops very soon.

The company is initially rolling out the features in this version to the beta desktop users first. Among the features two really cool features which will probably be beneficial for users will make their way, reports WABI.

The first one is Call Notification Alerts which will notify users about incoming calls on WhatsApp.

Currently when users are on WhatsApp through their desktops and their phones aren't around, received calls are often missed.

This is because WhatsApp version of desktop doesn't support calls and the most it offers you is a missed call notification in chat when the call gets disconnected.

However, in the new updated version WhatsApp will fix this issue. The company realized that sometimes the missed calls can be very important and hence, now in the desktop version whenever users receive a call they will be notified immediately through a poo up.

This will help users to know they are receiving a call and immediately go get their phones if it isn't around with them. The company will also give the users option to disable this option according to their own convenience

Apart from this, another update is making its way. A new interface will make its way for contact information, business info or group info. According to the pictures of the interface released, the desktop beta version is getting the same interface in the above mentioned categories as is present in the WhatsApp beta for Android or iOS.

However, what needs to made sure is that the version is in beta. Which means it will only be released for a small portion of people and not globally right now.

When this feature will make its way throughout the globe is not known, however if things go in favor, it might be sooner than you think.

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