Italy’s authority fines Google and Apple for aggressive usage of data

Apple is not new to just probes, as the corporation was just punished in Italy, along with Amazon, only a few days ago. Now Apple has been penalized once more for aggressive methods in the sale of customer data, but this time it was fined with Google for the same reasons. Both corporations have penalized a total of €10 million, the highest amount allowed per Italian law. According to the AGCM, the Italian competition watchdog, the two businesses failed to offer clear and immediate information on how user data was acquired and utilized.

The “Aggressive usage of data” news has been revolving on social and electronic media for some time now. Facebook, Tesla, Apple, and Google have faced some serious allegations over the years. Countries like China, Italy, and other European countries have taken some serious steps against the aggressive usage of data.

The AGCM found that the absence of express user's permission not only pre-determines users' agreement but also allows Apple and Google to submit the produced data to various types of processing without providing a means for customers to confirm or amend their decision to share their personal data. According to reports, when users established up their Google accounts, the terms and conditions on data usage were meant to be approved. When it comes to Apple, the Italian watchdog claims that customers are not offered an option when registering an Apple ID. Users were also regularly assured that data collecting was only essential to better the customer experience and their usage of such services, according to the report. It further claims that customers were never informed that their information was being gathered and utilized for commercial purposes. The same competition body announced a large 68.7 million Euro ($77.5 million) charge against Amazon and a separate 134.5 million Euro ($151.5 million) fine against Apple on Tuesday, claiming anti-competitive behavior. According to the release, Amazon and Apple had an agreement in place that barred some resellers of authentic Apple and Beats items from selling their wares on Amazon. According to the Italian government, this method results in fixed pricing in the domestic market and the artificial establishment of a watertight section, which prevents "foreign" healthy competition from having price-lowering consequences.

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