iOS Twitter Users Can Now Quickly Access Other Tweeter’s History

Twitter has always been at the forefront of development and is the first to supply with new features of all of the social and communication tech giants present in the current landscape. With its powers and strength ranging from revolutions in its early days that brought it the fame and success that it clings on to and keep on improving to the hypertensive and all aware mobs present on the internet to attack at all fronts to the teams that are working against the social rights or just the mob’s own personal interest.

One thing that has facilitated these has been the ability for users and creators to channel their resources and unearth the deep sea of tweets that have been sitting on the Twitter bed forever. To further assist these mobs that have been active and angry in the process of searching for these tweets, Twitter has given the iOS users at the moment some hope that they will be able to cook up and work on way faster and quicker than ever before. The new feature launched by Twitter will be extended to iOS users only, a trend that has been established as all features are reportedly going towards Apple and its iOS products while the rest of the users on the web get just a few and Android users barely get any.

The new feature allows iOS users to search with an @ sign following the user that is looking to stalk one’s handle. This is followed as by looking at the profile and the front page of the users there is an option present that would allow the users to have full access to search any keyword they want on the updates and details of every tweet and link ever shared. Depending on the profile of the user being public or private, the people that have the chance to search for them are limited to the users, and specifically those that operate with the iOS devices.

The new reveal that has been initiated shows that Twitter might be on the steps that would allow for the users to have an increased ability for better functioning of the process. Furthering the positive insight that they have been getting and allowing more and more users to join the platform and explore all the multi faceted benefits that it has.


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