Instagram Tests Out Longer Time Limits for Videos in Stories

Instagram has been pushing to make itself a better place for creators for quite some time now because of the fact that this is the sort of thing that could potentially end up pulling a lot more people from a younger demographic into their corner. Facebook has been struggling to maintain an audience with younger users, and Instagram is trying to step in to save the day.

One way in which it is attempting to go about doing something of this sort is by increasing the time limit for videos that you can post on your Story. While this is just a test at the moment, many users have reported being able to post videos that are up to sixty seconds long on their Stories. That’s something that can be really beneficial to a lot of content creators, especially those that are more interested in long form content and want to be able to post a minute long teaser in their Stories.

This might also make Stories a content hub in its own right. A minute is enough time for sketches and other types of short content, which means that users might now be able to start posting their content directly to their Stories which might give it a more exclusive type of feel that would definitely go over well with quite a few people if you think about it.

Another change that Instagram is making is that it is now allowing Creators to create a standard welcome message. This is an automated reply that the creator can write on their own, and it will be sent to anyone that gives them a message on their official profile. Things like this can go a long way towards making creators more likely to want to give the platform a shot, and it will be interesting to see where things go from here.

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