Instagram posts previews are now visible on the Twitter feed

The wait is over since, one can now, discern Instagram post previews directly on the Twitter feed.

The social media platform, Instagram is boasting a handy feature that expands its consolidation with Twitter. Initiating an improvement to share an Instagram link on the Twitter account feed directly.

On Wednesday, the company took the Twitter outlet to notify that the never-happening Instagram post reviews are now hitting Twitter, as the preview of the Instagram post will be obvious on Twitter, similar to the ample of different links shared on the forum.

Users will notice a preview of the link that entails an image rather than merely a URL.

This trait has been a long-awaited one, as the uses were lingering to post Instagram links to their Twitter handles, providing direct access to the Instagram post.

The element is introduced exclusively for iOS, Android, and the web.

However, this feature was already a part of the bond between Twitter and Instagram until nine years back, when Instagram concluded to deactivate the backing for Twitter Cards. It terminated the proficiency to reach Instagram images in the Twitter timeline.

The social media platform at that moment justified it as a measure executed to propel more traffic towards Instagram itself. Moreover, they dismissed the standards to perceive Instagram previews and images on Twitter as it was adopted by Facebook, Kevin Systrom argued.

Yet, the fact is that this initiative will push more traffic towards Instagram, as not only Instagram users but, Tweeters will also turn to Instagram to view the linked posts that have been shared. The image which will be displayed in the feed will strike more people and stimulate.

Whenever users share an Instagram post link on their Twitter handle, its followers will notice a preview (or you can call it a thumbnail), proposing a link to the post in the Twitter timeline, which will submit abrupt and direct access to the post.

The platform took nine lingering years to resume its impeded decision of eliminating twitter cards. But now, it seems like the platform has observed something crucial in the meantime, that made them restart the never-happening Twitter cards.

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