Google Wear OS sales increase this quarter massively because of the device powering Samsung watch range

One of Google's products have been below the radar for some time now. However, its sales boosted up massively this quarter, reports CPR.

If you're confused, we're talking about Google's Wear OS products which for some time has been stagnant due to its lack of association with other smart watches. It is hard to believe that a product associated with Google saw such a stagnancy, however the company did not sit still and worked hard towards improving it. This quarter, things changed for the Wear OS.

However, this quarter we saw a sudden rise in the Wear OS, why is that? Well, Google collaborated with Samsung to provide Wear OS service in their smart watch range of Galaxy Watch 4 sales.

The Wear OS range managed to make a 17 percent market shipment this quarter, which is a massive increase from the 4 percent it made in its second quarter of 2021.

The question you might be thinking however is why did Samsung watch sales influenced Google's Wear OS. This is because Google Wear OS now powers Samsung watch 4 range. Hence with Samsung making 60 percent of the market share in North America and Europe this quarter, the sales for Wear KS automatically increased.

While Apple is known to make the most sales among all devices and companies, it lacked behind because of the delay in its manufacturing products this quarter and Samsung stole the show.

However, Wear OS cannot solely depend on Samsung for their growth, because while it got good results one quarter doesn't mean the coming one will be the same. Hence Wear OS needs to collaborate with other firms as well. Samsung on the other hand really needs to work on its prices in order to gain more sales in smart watches because the current amount doesn't cater majority of the people's budget.

Sales and revenue percentages increase and decrease by each quarter and companies work really hard to maintain their standards. Let's see what the coming quarter brings for Samsung, Apple, Google and all the other tech firms in business.

The fact that all tech firms and business work so hard we hope the end of 2021, and the beginning of 2022 is pretty much successful and flourishing for all business.

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