Google Is Adding In A New Offers Tab To The Play Store Interface, Showing Off Brand New Discounts And Deals On Available Apps

Google is adding a new Offers tab to the Google Play interface, showing off discounts and deals on pay-walled applications that might entice users into buying them, reports 9to5G.

Right off the bat, it should of course be mentioned that the Offers tab is distinct from Google Play’s other offers and notifications section. The Offers tab is a carousel of all the different deals available and up for grabs across the Play Store, drawing users in with the variety that on display. The offers and notifications section, however, offers a much more limited palette, with only applications that may seem relevant to the user showing up in cases of discounts. If nothing else, the section also offers promo codes if and when available. The section is also only accessible via an individual’s profile picture next to the search bar, while the Offers tab is found right at the bottom of the screen on the home page

Currently, there are only four tabs on display, denoting products related to Games, Books, Movies & TV Shows, and Apps. Offers will end up being the fifth attachment in the series, and a rather useful one at that. Applications can often end up being very expensive affairs, and offers are rather scarce to come by. Having a general interface where all of them can be accessed or searched up with ease is incredibly useful. While the Offers tab sort of overlaps with offers and notifications in terms of niches, but it’s nice having a much more expansive library of options, with stuff that you may not even know you need.

The new Offers tab isn’t widely available to users at the moment. It has started rolling out after a period of A/B beta testing, but is still only limited to certain regions. Features like these take a few months before they roll out to all users across the board, so you might want to bear some patience. At any rate, when it does finally roll out, the Offers tab might end up being very helpful to all sorts of users. After all, with voucher and coupon apps being so popular amongst the youth, Offers seems like the best thing that Google Play could add to its interface.

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