Google implements changes in payment methods after South Korean Communication Commission issued a notice

Policy makers and developers have long been not happy with Apple and Google’s policy where they restrict users to make payments for the applications resent on their stores through in app directly through Google or Apple play store.

While the two companies already charge developers a 30 percent commission (now reduced to 15 for some) from the profit they make, this in app charging has long been felt as unfair by many. However, while many spoke against it, no actions were taken, until South Korea and its Telecommunication Service decided to stand up for the developers within their region.

South Korea's Telecommunications Business Act, late august where the Korea Communications Commission's (KCC) demanded big names like Google and Apple to not force developers and users to make in app payments and let them have the option for a third party payment method as well.

The restrictions that followed the appeal seemed severe and Google complied immediately.

According to the new law imposed by Google, developers will be allowed to charge payments through third party applications. The tech firm also announced that the commission fee for developers will be reduced to 11 percent on the payments made through third party apps. The company further mentioned that though Google’s payments method is safe and authentic, the company will not take the responsibility or protections on third party apps, like it does through its own.

According to Google, the changes have only been made within South Korea and the developers from this region will only have such options to imply. The rest of the world will work on the same principles as it did.

This new implemented change is the first one in the world and while it is great that Google has managed to comply with South Korea’s request and appeal, Apple still seems to have its feet in two separate boats.

Apple was confronted by the KCC about the changes it will be implementing on the third party payment method. The company responded that it has already changed its system and is working on third party payments. However, KCC further requested Apple to look into greater autonomy in payments. According to KCC if Apple failed to work on this it will be facing penalties in the future.

It is great though that South Korea and its Communication Commission has made laws which are supporting the developers in their region and has managed to change the ways Apple and Google work in their region.

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