Facebook will give users a tad bit of control over what they will see on their news feed with its soon to be launched feature

Facebook has been stuck in a lot of allegations recently surrounding that they do not put user safety under consideration and also that a lot of misinformation circulates on their platform which Facebook doesn’t tend to control.

While all this was keeping the social firm under hot waters, the statements by two former Facebook employees against Facebook along with proofs did not help Facebook’s case and it looks like that the tech firm is on the roll to make some things better.

Facebook has been working on some features which will give its users some control over what they see on their feed. In short, users will be able to manage the content on their feed, what they see most, what see less to some extent.

How is that?

Well, Facebook is launching a feature which will help users sort content on their feed in three subsets. The categories include family and friends, Groups, Pages and Public figures. In front of these options, Facebook will provide user scroll or select options like Normal, More, Less etc.

If users want to see more content from their Friends and Family they can enable the option to more, if they do not want to see anything from public pages they can opt for less or if they want to see all things in a moderate amount, normal will always be a good option.

Apart from this, users will also be provided such sorting in the topics they see on Facebook. Users will be able to select what topics they are interested in and what they do not want to see.

Advertisers are also receiving some advantages. Advertisers with the new update will be able to select domains on which they want to their ads to be put up and what topics to avoid.

While this may not solve all of Facebook’s misinformation issue, it at least is a step. Facebook will give users the ability to select what they want to see on their Facebook feed and people will actually enjoy the content more.

This feature has been launched to only a handful of English speaking users. It currently is under testing purposes and once verified will make its way throughout the world to all the users irrespective of the language they speak.

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