Facebook Published A Report Detailing How Much Technology Needs To Be Incorporated Into Online Retail For The Best User Experience

Facebook has recently published a study that details trends and fads in online retail and e-commerce that are being found across the internet.

Facebook, and by extension its parent company Meta, doing research over e-commerce and online commercial trends seems a bit foreign to their niches as social media platforms and companies respectively. After all, how often does one attribute research and analysis to social media, which is still treated as being a commodity at best. However, being good at market analysis is an integral part of maintaining relevancy for any company nowadays. More importantly, Meta has developed a rather healthy e-commerce scene for itself as well. Instagram is populated by influencers, and Facebook itself also has a lot of sales accumulated over the past decade. Advertiser revenue is good and all, but the real money for almost every online platform is in e-commerce and retail services. Look at Amazon (refrain from looking at Jeff Bezos in the process, lest you be turned to stone).

The article, published in the Meta for Business blog, is titled “The New Era of Shopping is Hybrid”. The study delves into how online and offline marketing have become nearly interchangeable with each other, and online holding just as much weight, if not more, for consumers. Of course, with such a heavy emphasis on both aspects of a consumer’s shopping experience, everything needs to be done with the least amount of hassle provided to all involved parties. The answer, according to Facebook, to avoiding such hassle is the further incorporation of technology into the entire setup.

84% of all shoppers would actively purchase a retail store’s item after discovering it on their social media handles. This should drive home just how important of a marketing technique having active social media accounts is across the board. Users also enjoy the convenience of using these handles to further ease the entire process of purchasing items. 68% of shoppers in the USA were more likely to revisit retailers if their payments procedures were handled over messages via social media. AR is also a massive draw for many online consumers, with Snapchat being a major driving source of such technology. 73% of all consumers were more likely to revisit retailers that incorporated AR as a method of experiencing products.

Technology has commoditized the experience of shopping as a whole, and further success in retail means doubling down on incorporating it more and more into one’s online experience.

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