Facebook paying six figures to creators, influencers and celebs monthly to encourage them to use its Live Audio feature

A recent report suggests that Facebook may not be hesitant in spending huge sums of money just to keep its new features, which have extreme competitions on the top of the charts.

The point of this conversations goes back, when Clubhouse was launched. Clubhouse was the first live audio social application with some pretty cool features. It pretty quickly gathered huge number of downloads and users and became the talk of the town.

We all know that when one feature gets famous all other companies make it their business to create a similar and better working feature on the same principals. When Clubhouse gained hype, many companies came out with their similar working features too, Facebook was one of them.

Hence, since then Facebook is trying to stay on the top of the market. With Clubhouse regaining its popularity it lost due to the unavailability of the feature in Android, Facebook felt at threat.

The latest news updates the world, that Facebook is actually paying internet celebrities and influencers on its platform to use the Live Audio Feature. The tech firm according to news is paying users from 10,000 dollars minimum up to 50,000 dollars depending on various factors for a Live sessions of 30 minutes.

The users are encouraged to do at least five to six sessions like these each month, which means that they can make up to 300’000 dollars a month just by doing a live session. This is a great way to advertise their new feature and encourage users to use it frequently.

However, Facebook is not alone in this boat and many other social platforms have started this paid strategy. TikTok, Snap and Spotlight all used similar tactics. While you may believe that creators online just use these features to make up to six figures, that is not the case.

Most influencers and creators online are pretty honest with their audience, and only encourage apps and products which they are completely satisfied with. Facebook, TikTok and other various programs which are being widely used in terms of Live Audio are definitely great and that is why they are gaining hype. In response to this, Microsoft also tried to pay creators to use their Live Audio features, but failed to do so, because their features and options were not that great.

However, while the feature may be great, the question stands that till when its hype will last. Will users continue to use it for a long time because it gives them a great way to interact with their followers, or will the hype die down when Facebook stops paying.

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