Facebook group admins, sit still, Facebook is bringing some new and really cool features to the groups

Facebook has been working towards a lot of great updates recently and providing multiple users way to earn though their platform. The recent announcement that the tech firm has made looks great for all group admins and owners, because Facebook is bringing some massive updates and new features to all groups, which will enhance the way groups work, and their overall outlook as well.

To start off with the first feature which will be making its way to the groups is a customization tool. The group owners will now be able to customize the group color according to what they like, change the fonts that appear in groups and even customize the reactions on posts according to their liking. Admins will be able to put up and manage multiple other features like parenting, learning etc. according to what they want and what the theme of their group is. In short, they can dress up their group like a baby and run it as independently as they want.

Apart from this, instead of direct rules and regulations about groups, group admins can sort of form an introductory or greeting message which will seem more approachable and friendly. Most of the times, people don’t even read the group rules before accepting them and a greeting message followed by what the admin expects in the group is by far a more convenient approach in making people read the rules.

Facebook has also announced community awards. This means, group members can label their dedicated followers with a title or trophy. Considering how currently, the top fan badge comes up on groups, now other labels too. Accolades like “Insightful,” “Uplifting,” “Fun,” “Informative” or “Relevant,” will be present.

Moreover, announcements or posts which admins think are important in respect to the group can be featured and pinned at the top of the page now so they are more in sight to the members visiting the groups. Admin assist is a feature rolling out which will give ideas to group members in what to add and what posts have been declined. The Assist is currently on the main app and will be making its way to Lite soon.

Subgroups is one feature making its way that will definitely help admins earn a good income. In sub groups admin can break their group content in various categories to host discussion and people who relate to which ever category can join that particular one. However, subgroups will be charged and members will have to pay in order to be a participant.

Other really cool features will also be making their way. Admins should get excited because there is a lot of introductory things to play around in groups now and customize it like your own little baby.

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