European Data Protection Board becomes more conscious about user privacy and how data is being collected for targeted ads

The European Data Protection Board which overlooks all the decisions made by the European lawmakers in terms of technology has released a set of rules which will further tighten the already imposed restrictions when it comes to privacy in Europe.

The board had a meeting in which the law makers were advised to not gather data for advertisement purposes. While targeted ads were okay for small business and platforms to grow and to give users access to things they might like, collecting their data in return for this should be avoided at all cost. Hence he boards advices companies to find an alternative way for targeted advertisements.

Apart from this, the board strictly bans the profiling of children for the purpose of ad targeting.

In the IMCO Committee meeting today, the MEP, had advised the complete ban of targeted advertisements to be added to the Digital Services Act (DSA). This shows that the European parliament and the Data Protection Board believe that the targeted ads and collection of data if users is very harmful with the advancing technology.

However, the MEP believes that not all people in the parliament will support the decision of the law of banning targeted advertisements in the DSA. Considering the law is implemented when more than half the members of the parliament speak in favor of it, the implementation and finalization of this seems a half and half chance.

From what we believe while targeted advertisements is great to give small business an access to grow and also provide users content and ads related to products which the app believes they might be interested in, it is harmful too. The collection of data in some cases for such purposes is extreme and the downside is that most people do not know that their data is being collected, more over so what things are being collected.

No such thing about this policy has been confirmed and we do not if it will make it to the DSA or not. However, it is true that the collection of data is pretty harmful and as people become more aware of their data’s and how tech firms are holding on to them and giving it to third parties, people have become conscious. Companies really need to find an alternative way to target users with ads which do not include them collecting their personal information.

Illustrations by Elena Lacey / Getty Images / Wired
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