Ethical Hacking has become a widespread profession as revealed by a new study

While hacking has increased with the advancement in technology, the term ethical hacking has become widely known. If you are not aware what ethical hacking is, let us acknowledge you.

Ethical hacking is a hacking profession in which the professional hackers penetrate into a system or software in the knowledge or awareness of the owner to detect a bug or problem. Bugcrowd Platform conducted a survey report of ethical hacking and surveyed 2961 security programs vulnerabilities from May 1, 2020, to August 31, 2021.

The report suggested that most of the ethical hackers are divided into two groups: Gen Z and Millennials. Generation Z accumulated 54 percent of the ethical hackers while Millennials got a total of 35 percent. What the report also found was that ethical hacking wasn’t restricted to one region, but many people from diverse backgrounds were a part of this profession.

The report concluded that these hackers ranged from various parts of the world and were spread across 6 out of 7 continents and were widely present in 61 countries.

This shows us how ethical hacking has become so common. It also is helps people to make a living out of it. Which brings us to the question that why ethical hackers do what they do, and what they get out of it.

As it has been talked about earlier ethical hackers help companies and software owners to detect and fix bugs and problems within their systems or programs. Considering they are recruited by companies as professionals, they earn a respectable amount too. However, the best part about this profession is that ethical hackers can work remotely. They can work for companies anywhere in the world, while sitting in the coziness of their own homes.

The report also concluded personal profiles of various individuals who were ethical hackers and worked for BugCrowd itself. When they were questioned why did they opt for this profession, many stated that ethical hacking was exciting for them. They found the work competitive and motivating and it was fun to do something challenging and give back to the community. Many of them even stated that they were more interested in the challenges that came with removing bugs than they were in the money they make.

Hacking has always been a problem, however, with Covid19 emerging the cases of it has increased vastly. While it is a problem, it is nice to see some people so interested in removing bugs or reversing the effects of hacking altogether.
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