Chromebooks And Tablets See Fall In Sales Figures, After Sailing High For Five Quarters

Chromebooks and tablets are seeing a decline in shipping for the first time since the pandemic began all the way back in 2020.

Maybe the COVID-19 pandemic has skewed our collective perception of how technology and sales work, since at first glance this looks like bad news for the tablet marketplace. However, we forget that the pandemic also saw the largest amount of sales in any technological category, and with most individuals working from home, that meant sales weren't expected to come down for a while. Only recently did shipping for the mobile market see a notable decline. The fact that, despite pandemic regulations having been lifted since quite a few months, tablets and Chromebooks kept sales up and going for so long is actually very impressive.

Sales figures were reported by market analysis firm IDC (the International Data Corporation), delineates that Q3 of 2021 saw a 29.8% year to year decline in shipping for Chromebooks. Tablets displayed a year to year decline of 9.4%, shipping out a total of 42.3 million units. These declines in sales figures were noted after a rather impressive streak of marketplace growth, spanning over five quarters. So, why the sudden decline? Well, as alluded to before, the pandemic saw a massive, extended boost of sales for Chromebooks and other such tablets. Q3 2020 displayed the highest peak sales figures had ever reached before, and a lot of it was owed to just how important Chromebooks became during the pandemic.

Sure, almost every other technological gadgets and gizmo saw a rise in sales across the pandemic, but Chromebooks and tablets were special for a different reason. The reason, of course, being schools and colleges. With strict lockdown protocols and social distancing sweeping entire nations, schools took it upon themselves to purchase Chromebooks and other tablets in bulk, disseminating these devices amongst the student populace. The aim, of course, is to ensure that students have an accessible manner of attending online classes and wrap up assignments. Tablets and the like weren't just a commodity during the pandemic: they were essential.

But that's all changed, hopefully for the better, and now we're seeing a decline in sales. But honestly? After all the growth that tablets and Chromebooks have seem, even this decline leaves these products way ahead of where they started out pre-pandemic.

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