Zoom has announced to launch its auto generated caption feature on its public version as well

Zoom has been around for a long time now, however, its use was only limited to the offices, employees and businesses hosting long distances meeting oversees or locally too. However, with the emergence of the pandemic and everything shutting down its importance and download rate increased drastically.

In 2020, Zoom happened to become one of the most downloaded applications worldwide, and something which was not known to the general public before became a household name.

Zoom since then is being used by both businesses for their meetings and by educational institutes for educational purposes. Zoom hence has realized its increasing importance in the world and the fact that it is here to stay for a long time, the tech giant realized it was time to make some changes which it has been delaying.

Zoom had introduced an auto generated caption on the paid version of its application. Paid users were able to access and enable an option which allowed them to open a caption generator. This feature using its AI technology evaluated whatever the user was peaking and generated into wordings for the ease of the other participants.

This feature was pretty great and the fact that it was only available for paid users drew up a lot of criticism.

This was because of the fact that a lot of deaf people were also utilizing the services of Zoom during the pandemic, and considering they could not hear this feature could be of great use to them. However, considering it was only available for the paid users, the disabled users had to either buy the paid zoom subscription or utilize a third party service to generate captions.

Hence, Zoom was called out on the matter and after a lot of consideration the tech giant has finally announced that the auto generated captions will now be available on the free version of Zoom as well.

Zoom realized the difficult a certain population was facing because of the lack of captions and went through with its promise and the tech giant’s thoughtfulness towards its users is one reason that it is growing so fast with its impeccable services.

The service has currently now rolled out around the globe, but according to Zoom the captions will first be made available in English only, and later the company will be expanding the language categories.

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