YouTube has announced to abolish the year-end Rewind permanently onwards

YouTube has finally concluded to stop making year-end rewind, .

YouTube broadcasted 9 iterations of the annual closing summary of 2020, but the rewind segment was abolished due to the crisis and covid-19 pandemic.

The company elucidates that they are not quitting the program because of the extensive objections and criticism and opposition it gets, on their's current attempts, but due to the program's expansion, that this project has turned so tremendous that now it has become so tough to assemble its array and diversity in a 60 seconds glimpse video.

The rewind is condensation and a synopsis of a year's trendy, and loved videos, and music. The series of viral and trended videos, released at the year-end, as a recap of the whole year. It consists of all the individuals that have entertained the audience throughout the entire year featured in one single slide.

The report further discloses, that around two billion monthly functional users aggregately watch one billion hours each day. Besides, that above five hundred hours, worthy content is uploaded at the end f every 60 seconds.

The YouTube rewind was initiated back in 2010, the very first series was broadcasted on December 13, 2010, comprising leading 10 videos of the year 2010.

The report proclaims that the company asserts that the creators will second this job, as they have been boosting and generating their folksy editions of YouTube rewind lately.

It will proceed to stimulate the audience with its ample creative content produce by the global creators, gather at the year-end, as a whole summarization, as YouTube itself quits the rewind video.

However, the 2018 sequel of the rewind series, got extensive objection and criticism from the audience globally. And turned out as the most disliked video ever on YouTube by acquiring over ten million dislikes in the initial 2 weeks of its release.

Whereas, the last installment of 2019 rewind, also received degradation and negative critical reviews. So far, the concerns regarding the rewind 2020, so did not come back because of the covid-19 disaster.

The company reckons it as the fairest way of acknowledging the creator's efforts, and let's rewind to proceed, by handing over it to its real owners who have created the content. While the company will not be sponsoring any of their exertions.

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