WhatsApp Beta brings in a new feature, Undo status updates for Android users

WhatsApp has just introduced an updated version which is via the Google Play beta program.

The title that has been set up for the feature is Undo Status Update.

According to a new report by Wabetainfo posted on Friday, 22nd October. WhatsApp has come up with a fresh feature applicable for status updating named, Undo.

It is an incredible and rare update for the version beta exclusively for Android device users.

This feature will enable users to promptly revert a status that might have been publicized mistakenly shortly after its update.

However, one can already delete a status right after posting it, but now this action can be executed more rapidly, wiping out it a single tap away, the updated status, thanks to the handy new undo option.

After the omission of the updated status, the app will notify users about the elimination of the update.

Following this procedure is equivalent to deleting the updated status but, now in an abruptly.

Presently, the status of the feature is rolling out, and currently, this feature is functional for a small set of beta testers. Furthermore, the company intends more activations for the additional further updates.

Recently, the company rolled out a modern element, View once, for android users, enabling them to interact and communicate more intimately and securely.

The view once, aspect permits the user to see only once, the media including the images and video clips could be watched only one time. It will ultimately vanish from the conversation straight away, once it is unfolded and viewed.

One can exchange media, using this feature in the WhatsApp groups as well, so that the person who viewed it already will be visible, and one can check it out in the message info option.

The app will notify the user once the recipient views it.

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