TikTok Is Launching A Series Of Cyber Security Awareness Videos On The Platform, In The Interest Of Keeping Its Userbase Safe And Aware

TikTok has launched a new "Be Cyber Smart" campaign, teaching everyone the important steps taken towards keeping oneself safe online.

Online threats to one's security almost just as affecting as physical threats are, if not more. Very rarely is it in real life that someone gets the password to your life savings, beats you up in the process, and then leaves without leaving so much as a single trace of their existence. While we're mostly saved physical harassment from cybersecurity threats (with doxxing being a major exception), the collective fallout is still too much to bear. A literal few moments of naivety are all it takes for some clever hacker to rob netizens of their passwords and IDs, gleaming hazardous information in the process. With nearly every part of our social lives being online nowadays, addresses, credit card info, and social security numbers are particularly susceptible, and can cause irreversible damage if swiped.

TikTok's response to the cybersecurity threats that fill our social media feeds on a daily basis is launching an educational campaign. Aptly named #BeCyberSmart, the campaign will feature a series of TikToks made by both popular creators and employees on the platform. Their purpose will be to deliver information about cybersecurity threats and keeping oneself safe from them, using the TikTok medium to keep things light, accessible, and to the point. TikTok's own Chief Security Officer Roland Clautier, and stand up comedian Alex Falcone are some of the individuals confirmed to contribute to the series, talking about incidents of cyber crimes and measures that can be taken for protection.
Some people would call this series amusing, to say the least. TikTok, while being a very informative place with the right creators, is not without it's own concerns of cybersecurity. In fact, the application has been placed under scrutiny across many countries for allegedly placing its userbase under a risk of losing their privacy. The Dutch Data Protection Authority, the European Data Protection Board, and the U.S. Senate are just a few of the major names that have actively investigated the social media platform over endangering users and their personal data. Which is rather alarming, when considering the fact that a sizeable amount of TikTok's community is comprised of young, impressionable individuals.

TikTok's clearly trying to leave that part of their rather recent history as far behind as possible. The platform's collaborating with the National Cyber Security Alliance (NSCA), hoping to further public education regarding the importance of cybersecurity, and disseminating the same information that #BeCyberSmart hopes to do, but on a larger platform.

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