The removal of link stickers from Instagram accounts left Instagrammers in a big confusion

The very namely app Instagram with which almost everyone is familiar has caused a little problem in its working without informing the users mostly Instagram creators are being affected by this new thing. However, no one knows whether it’s a problem with app or this has been done deliberately but whatever it is it’s causing Chios everywhere.

Recently the Instagram users noticed a change in their Instagram handles which was regarding the removal of link stickers and even now the users are in massive confusion on whether they'll get back the link stickers or not.

This is a matter of great stress to Instagram creator's or businesses as they majorly earn through these link stickers. Users in large quantity have filled complaints but Instagram hasn't replied to anyone them up till now.

The features of link stickers was generated last year and was of great help to majority of the users out there, when this feature was new in market only the people having 10,000 followers or more than that were able to use it.

The removal of link stickers is still not done on every account but yet with the people it’s done has disturbed everyone's routine.

As Instagram is not responding to the complaints filled the Instagram users are panicking on twitter and posting complaint tweets regarding this matter.

This panic situation was created from 25th of October 2021 and is continuing till now, the users link stickers disappeared and a notification appeared saying that this is done because the account users have shared some content which might be against Instagram guidelines and it has violated community guidelines. But some users denied accepting this and claimed that it is just not true and according to them all the posts which they have shared or interacted upon are not even closely related to violating community guidelines.

One Instagram user tweeted on Twitter saying that Instagram has taken away his source of income also the drive sales, while I did not shared any such post or story which would violate Instagram guidelines.

The second person has said the same that he didn't shared any such unauthentic post or story in fact this users says that he hasn't shared a single link over a span of a few months.

In the list comes the third person who also repeated the same story about not sharing any such story and post which can violate Instagram guidelines, but instead this person's link sharing was stopped because a few bunch of people reported his or her story in which this person was talking and spreading awareness about Sexual Harassment.

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