Mark Zuckerberg Donnes Oculus AR Headset Calling For Community In Suspense

Facebook and its acquisitions ranging from Instagram to WhatsApp have taken the world by storm and continue to do so. The acquisition in 2014 for taking over just a 2 year old company that is taking over for a new Augmented Reality technology back then. The ambitions of the company and the future prospects were then recognized by Mark Zuckerberg who wanted a taste of the technology of the future that is now known as Metaverse which is backed up by Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Programs.

Oculus has followed through with two of its Augmented Reality programs, the first one being Oculus Quest and the second in the series as Oculus Quest 2. With great reception for both the programs and Roblox, Fortnite, and others joining in the metaverse, the rise in competition has spurred the global perception for the metaverse and increased interest in that. The recent posts by Mark Zuckerberg and Andrew Bosworth wearing the prototype of the new Oculus AR headset put a lot of attention on the company and entice the audience with the prospects that are soon to be screened over to the new.

Andrew Bosworth, the next in line for Chief Technological Officer at Oculus posted various variations of the headset on Twitter. The tweets by Boz included accreditation to Michael Abrash and his team that has been working on the development of a specific kind of headset that was termed by Bosworth as FRL-R Redmond.

Apart from the mention by Mark Zuckerberg in a single comment over the retina settings on his photo, the details of the new prototype are still a mystery enveloped in curiosity and technological marvel. However, we assume that soon we will be introduced to the new prototypes and they will soon be released. This is based over the fact that the testing is currently being done by Mark Zuckerberg and Andrew Bosworth at the top of the corporate hierarchy at Oculus indicating that the final decision might be made any day now and the release for the beta test is soon to come over for the users.

Even though the release made by Boz and Mark is not the final release statement for the product, it still has the power and definitely has brought a lot of attention towards the metaverse and the new world technology.

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