Half of Americans Might Switch to Starlink Once Widespread Service Rolls Out

The internet has changed things from a lot of different perspectives, but the state of internet provision is something that a lot of people tend to have problems with rather frequently. Internet in America is currently quite expensive, not to mention the fact that the speeds are not really as high as you might want them to be. Starlink is looking to change all of that by providing internet via satellite, something that could prove to be a revolution not just in terms of helping people stay connected but also from an industry shakeup standpoint.

A survey of 500 people conducted by ReviewsORG has indicated that over half of Americans, 51% to be exact, might switch to Starlink and that makes a lot of sense. Starlink will be more expensive than the average broadband connection, but one thing to note is that it is cheaper if you look at it on a per MB basis. What’s more is that consumers don’t really seem to care about the cost, even though it costs just under $500 to get the equipment that you would need in order to start using Starlink in the first place.

This is not the only satellite internet service that has been making waves either. Amazon has been working on Project Kuiper for quite some time now, and it’s rumored 400 mb/s speeds will be far beyond anything provided right now.

It’s very possible that we are in the midst of an internet revolution, especially when you look at things from the perspective of rural communities that are often forced to deal with really terrible internet speeds but would get maximum speed if they don’t need to access broadband to get internet. People are clearly willing to overlook costs thanks to the numerous other advantages that such a thing can provide them with.

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