Even as pandemic fades, gaming time is still on rise

Even after pandemic is passing away, the number of people playing games continues rising. According to a study by the NPD team, the number of people who drive the disease is from Americans between the ages of 45 to 64.

You are not alone if you find yourself playing a lot of video games this year as offices, restaurants and shops open. According to a survey by research firm NPD Group, US people now play an average of 16.5 hours each week. This represents an increase from 14.8 hours during the onset of the virus outbreak in 2020 and 12.7 hours in 2019.

The surprise group, according to an August study, is on the rise: Americans aged 45 to 64. In 2019, 65% of customers in this grade spend about 9 hours a week playing games. According to the NPD team, this has grown significantly by 2020, with 69% playing about 12 hours a week and 75% this year playing about 16 hours a week.

The growth, as per the research organization, is due to the ability of games, especially online PC games, to allow players to play with friends and relatives regardless of where they are physically. According to NPD range analyst Matt Piscatella, they have seen many outdated players in the 45-64 age group re-enter the market last year, not only for dun, but also for staying in touch with relatives and friends.

Obvious play is not limited to children and teens; urges players of all ages, continue.

The NPD team found out last year that during the pandemic, Americans of all ages were playing extreme games. As claimed by a recent survey, time spend on games is increasing, although the number of people playing in the United States had dropped slightly. An online poll showed that 76% of respondents played computer games, a 3% decline from last year.

While the number of Americans playing video games has dropped slightly, we are still far from the 73% we have seen in 2019, Piscatella said.

The study was conducted by the NPD Group, which surveyed 5000 people in the United States, including children.

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