Creator Insider Reveals YouTubers Can Now Edit Meta Data And Appeal Yellow Icons From Their Mobile Phones

A new CreatorInsider video has been released, revealing two new updates to the YouTube Studio Mobile interface.

This CreatorInsider video, practical as ever, went just above a minute and conveyed new additions to Studio Mobile, allowing users running their YouTube career vis mobile phones more agency and freedom in making important decisions regarding their channel. The two features discussed by the video involve separate things, both important in their own way. The first relates to the way meta data can now be added to and/or edited on Studio Mobile, and the second is to allow users the ability to appeal yellow icons. While there's not all that much going on, each feature does warrant it's own paragraph's worth of discussion.

Certain subheadings for meta data were previously included under the Advanced Options settings that users had to separately open up in order to make necessary changes to the content. However, that's slightly changed now. Instead, all of the subheadings previously found under Advanced Settings have all been moved to further options, dissolving their former AS hiding place entirely. Information includes the likes of tags, licensing, video categories, and settings for comments (enabled, disabled, etc.). The entire point is to streamline the layout a bit more, and not make finding such basic features all that more difficult for mobile devices.

The second and final feature on our itinerary includes the ability to appeal yellow icons from Studio Mobile. Yellow icons, for those unaware, is a status indicator that lets YouTubers know that their account is currently only able to display a limited range of ads, and may not even be monetized for them. This usually happens on the basis of content being too graphic for YouTube's standards, or other unspecified reasons as developers will never give out a reason for doing so. Green icons are the ideal goal, with full monetization capabilities granted to users. Previously, appeals over yellow icons could only be made via desktops and laptops, restricting users who find out about their demonetization when they're, for example, out or unavailable. However, this new feature means that users can contact yellow icons as soon as they find out via mobile phone.

The latter feature is only being rolled out to users under the YouTube Partner Program, but has also been rolled out to all users under it. It makes sense for YouTube to grant the ability to contest demonetization to users of its own partner program.

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