YouTube Takes Steps Aiding the Creators to Analyze and Measure Their Income over Mobile Phone

The website is improvising to give more authority to its creators; to govern and manage total revenue through a mobile app, which is a more convenient and helpful step for its creators. The mobile app is updated with features that were previously only available on desktops. The platform is providing authentic details about sales and income to its creators.

Creators can remain well aware and manage the revenue within seconds and, with few clicks on their personal mobiles, they can also visit and have a look to see the feedbacks of viewers or followers.

If any creator is removed by doubt or misunderstanding from the website, they are given a way to make YouTube Partner Program reconsider this act.

Mobile is made capable of analyzing business reports based on qualitative and quantitative data collected. YouTube is looking forward to escalating the mobile app to the level of the desktop by modernizing the studio mobile app with more features that were primarily only available on desktop only.

Creators are now being introduced to two new reports below the revenue tab over the mobile. The studio mobile app shows Monthly Revenue Report that gives income details for a specific month along with access to compare it to previous reports sketching the differences clearly. In the Transaction Revenue Report, an image is painted to learn about where the income came from specifically either from videos, stickers or chats, etc.

The creators are now given access to Traffic Sources Performance Reports which were not present on the studio mobile app before, to overview especially two foremost things; a detailed analysis of your traffic sources production and to contrast recent videos’ revenue to previous ones. Traffic sources are allowed only to a certain area of YouTube you can see them in notifications, channel pages, recommendations or subscribers feed only. It is important to know that this traffic will not be able to show external traffic sources. YouTube is launching traffic sources and revenue reports shortly within a few days.

If a creator is blocked by the YouTube partner program another way to plead their cases is via video. Considering that creators get great financial damage if they are banned from the program because they earn ad revenues through their videos. YouTube time and again monitors if its rules and regulations are being followed by the creators, and this process is undergone by a team of human reviewers, so it is possible to be mistaken sometimes. The reviewers may misunderstand, that is why creators are facilitated to make a video clearing the doubts and assuring that their channels are following the policies of the YouTube Partner Program, in such a way if any mistake has been made on the platforms’ behalf they can take it back. The creators are given the leverage by YouTube to make the video in their native language, with English subtitles if there is any sort of issue. YouTube is working to broaden this facility even more in the upcoming days.

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