WhatsApp has been imposed a hefty penalty of 266 Million Dollars for breaking the data protection rules

Even though WhatsApp is the most used messaging application across the world but still, it has been badly failed to provide a safe and secure service to its users. There were many allegations on the messaging application for violently sharing the personal information of users with its parent company Facebook and Instagram. Recently, the European Union privacy controllers put massive pressure on Ireland to impose a hefty penalty on the messaging application as it failed to handle the confidential data of people. The Data Privacy Commission of Ireland has levied a hefty penalty of 266 Million Dollars or 225 Million Euros on WhatsApp for breaking the protection rules. The Irish watchdogs also found breaches in the method the company uses while processing the data of its users. The company has been given 3 months to amend its data policies so that it can comply with the laws of the European Union’s GDPR.

The company is not happy with the decision as the representative of the company says that this penalty is not appropriate and they will file an appeal. WhatsApp said back in the year 2018 when the investigation was instigated against the company, that it met all the requirements for maintaining the confidentiality of data. WhatsApp also ensured that the info it provides is transparent and inclusive and it will consistently work on it.

The company should now clear users the way they can file a complaint with the controlling authority. The Irish privacy commission first decided to impose a fine of almost 59.3 Million Dollars on WhatsApp for violating the laws but later Germany and other European countries alleged the commission for unnecessarily showing the clemency on this data breach.

It is not just WhatsApp that has been imposed a penalty, other tech giant companies such as Amazon have also confronted a fine of 888 Million Dollars in the mid of this year for violating the GDPR rules. Twitter was also fined 533 Million Dollars for failing to provide the explanation report for information leakage within seventy-two hours. Even though this messaging application has almost 2 billion users from all over the world and is responsible for major violations but still, this penalty is light as compared to other giant tech companies. Data is the most important thing for users that these giant tech companies maintain and there should be no leniency for violating the data rules.

REUTERS/Dado Ruvic

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